Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is lost on me.

But it's not the same feeling
like you have in the morning,
over your first cup of coffee
groggy and disorienting.

And even though
the above stated is me...
(I'm having my coffee)
It feels more like
a new memory.

Like the top of a tree
with the absence of leaves
branches reaching up from the ground.
But then turn it upside down
and paint it white -
it's lightning.

This is why I'm struggling.

I feel everything pulsating -
changing and waiting
until no one is looking
to continue mutating.

And I'm still
even when you're not here.

When we're
together, I think
it feels better?
But I'm still here...
and I'm still.

While the rest are
oozing around town.

Or doing
whatever it is that
movers and mutate-ers do.