Sunday, March 20, 2011

So sue me.

     So what?
I grew up in the 90's.
So sue me.
I'm in love.
     & it's not
like the movies.
There is no music
when we touch.
     There's no slow-jam
when we fuck.
     There's not a camera
to catch every cuddle
or every subtle
     But in the end, know
that I am
in love.

I put up walls around everything
I only write in ink
I've got a bowl full of cereal
And dishes in the sink
& you're an estranged constellation
Broken beyond weird repair
You're so sure you're in love
In the mirror/In underwear
     There's a light through the window
     There's no way you heard me
     There's no good way to let go
     There is no one listening

And I love to watch her do the most mundane things.

    But, hey. It's the moon. And it's out too soon so let's retire to the bedroom. Let's build a cocoon and talk about everything gloom & doom. Because when we go out to the bar, we just stand in the corner. Make fun of kids drinking PBR, and make our way back to the car.

                              & we go home early
                                  watch a porno movie
                                  you say that you feel dirty
                                  but only
                                  you mean you're not clean

Just to be clear:
I was born inside a diorama

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Junk mail

Today I received some interesting news via E-mail.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500,

Re: Payment Notification:

We are writhing to know if it's true that you are DEAD. Because we received a notification from one MR. John Rice of USA stating that you are DEAD and that you have giving him the right to claim your US$ 10.5M funds. He stated you died on a CAR accident. He has been calling us regarding this issue, but we cannot proceed with him until we confirm this by not hearing from you after 3days. Be advised that we have made all arrangements for you to receive and confirm your funds of US$ 10.5M without anymore stress, and without any further delays.

All we need to confirm now is your been DEAD or still Alive. Because this MAN's message brought shock to our minds. And we just can't proceed with him until we confirm if this is a reality OR not but if it happened we did not hear from you after 3days, then we say: MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE"


May the peace of the Lord be with you wherever you may be now?

Your Faithfully,

US Secretary of State,

Needless to say, I wrote back right away.

Mrs. Clinton:

What and HONOR to finally hear from you here. I Just CANNOT believe that I Are DEAD or have been thought to be been ALIVE now. It is more than truth it is fact of matter. I've been DEAD for quite a time now and all is going good. (Just a warning, Heaven is a BORING) Please give MR RICE my US$ 10.5M funds that I was waiting on when I was not DEAD.
Thank your so much for writing me. I've always looked up with you as a HERO and a babe.

Your truly?