Sunday, March 20, 2011

So sue me.

     So what?
I grew up in the 90's.
So sue me.
I'm in love.
     & it's not
like the movies.
There is no music
when we touch.
     There's no slow-jam
when we fuck.
     There's not a camera
to catch every cuddle
or every subtle
     But in the end, know
that I am
in love.

I put up walls around everything
I only write in ink
I've got a bowl full of cereal
And dishes in the sink
& you're an estranged constellation
Broken beyond weird repair
You're so sure you're in love
In the mirror/In underwear
     There's a light through the window
     There's no way you heard me
     There's no good way to let go
     There is no one listening

And I love to watch her do the most mundane things.

    But, hey. It's the moon. And it's out too soon so let's retire to the bedroom. Let's build a cocoon and talk about everything gloom & doom. Because when we go out to the bar, we just stand in the corner. Make fun of kids drinking PBR, and make our way back to the car.

                              & we go home early
                                  watch a porno movie
                                  you say that you feel dirty
                                  but only
                                  you mean you're not clean

Just to be clear:
I was born inside a diorama

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